Getting to Bartlett Street is a timely reminder of how far the city’s schools have come—particularly in the charter sector. It’s also a sort of handbook for effective philanthropy and an illustration of what can be accomplished when two persistent individuals pour their money, their time, and their hearts into a worthy cause.”

–Charles Sahm, Deputy Director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership

“If you have any doubt that individuals can change the world for the better, read this book.”

–Joel Klein, former school chancellor of New York City

“This is an inspiring and eye-opening book by two pioneers in the education reform movement that will make you believe in the goodness of people and the power of the human spirit.”

–Eugene Lang, founder of “I Have A Dream” Foundation

“Getting to Bartlett Street is the inspiring story of a visionary couple who fought with grit and determination to ensure that families in New York’s low-income communities can provide the education they want for their kids.”

–Wendy Kopp, founder and chief executive officer of Teach for America

“So much of our reform agenda has begun with the work that Carol and Joe pioneered.”

–Mayor Michael Bloomberg